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About Us Umeda Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical factory established and improved in accordance with the GMP regulation, which is specified and validated by FDA, Ministry of Health. Umeda Co.,Ltd. also can produce pharmaceutical in various categories as follow ; General : Tablet, Capsule, Suspension,syrup, Cream Sterile : Injection, hormone injection Every categories has been certified by GMP. Umeda Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer under management of Ponds Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. which has beenrun in the pharmaceutical industry for 45 years under the establishment of Mr.PiboonSiripornpitak. Umeda Co.,Ltd.has been certified GMP since 1988 until now, moreover Umeda also has ISO 9001 version 2008 from URS in UK and also certified Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001. Thus, it is reliable in Quality Policy and alsomanufacturing in order to obtain qualitypharmaceutical that need to compose by important component as follow;


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 1. Raw materials and quality components Umeda Co.,Ltd. uses raw materials and components that purchased
and imported from various sources both from domestic and other countries which are reliable quality. However, still needs to be done through monitoring from our internal Lab. 2. The production process is in accordance with the international standards Medical supplies must be under productioninternational principles, such as BP or USP. 3. Supervised closely by quality person. In addition to the general regulations of international pharmaceutical production, our quality staffs from all level alsotake care closely, such as • Experienced and ascetic pharmacist strickly on the duty. • Deputy Controller (FOREMAN), person who are well trained and FOREMAN who has science degree in chemistry and much experience in LAB to be a deputy controller, in order to have accuratecontrol. The production staff of more than 45 years experienced, and we found that the employees will work well when they are accountability constantly. Therefore, we give priority tothe trainingcontinusly, not only the rules are very strict but also has the good returns, regardless of the cost. Although the training very high in each year, but we are confident that it will be able to make our medical quality that can be ensured to consumers. 4. Production Areathat keep clean andhygienic conditions.
The company used the budget to improve building for production, based on the new standard of pharmaceutical production control system, the pressure and humidity, as well as two layers of glass (DOUBLE WALL) in some departments, such as injection of Sterile department to ensure that we will get really high-quality of drugs. 5. Quality inspection
Like the other components in producing qualitydrugs, we are strict with analysis raw materialand productivities during the production process as well as finished product, but Quality Control will not goodif without responsibility of staffs,modern and accurate analytical tools. Thus we have 13 laboratory and every equipment are modern and accurated. There are……. staffs in this department which are…… pharmacists and……..scientists. Environment Policy Umeda Company Limited is a manufacturer of drugs for exporting and distributing within the country. We have responsibility to the environment and society that aim to develop and perform effective environmental management system as follows; 1. Manufacturing operations in accordance with specifications of an environmental legislation and other relevant given to environmental management by adhering asthe basic standard. 2. Encourage and support employees, contractors and subcontractors to be accountable in environmental and safety operation by communicating and training for environmental management appropriately. 3. Use Production technology, resources and efficient and effective energy for high productivity and high quality product without causing environmental impact or minimal environmental impact. 4. Improving environmental to be better constantly according tothe objectives and targets specified more appropriately and effectively. 5. Keep environment with focusing on pollution prevention and solve the cause of problem as a priority. This environmental policy can be revealed to public. Announced on April 9, 2009 Panya Siripornpitak Managing Director
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